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It’s hot outside. July 6, 2008

Filed under: Recipes — aprasek @ 7:20 pm

     I love the heat of summer. But, sometimes it gets a bit uncomfortable. You know, it’s the days when your legs stick to the car seat, uncontrollable sweat overwhelms you and that lazy-tired feeling sets in. Here’s a great homemade cooling mist to use on days like that:


Rose Cooling Mist

4 drops of Rose Oil (aka: “rose otto essential oil” or “attar of roses”. Just be sure to get organic and make sure it’s 100% rose oil. Damask roses make the best oil for this use.)

8oz of water


Fill a clean spray bottle with the water and rose oil. Keep your cooling mist refrigerated. Spray on face and body to cool the skin and rejuvenate body and mood.


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