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Homemade Body Scrub July 13, 2008

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     Sugar scrubs are my non-guilty pleasure. You can use them on the body before you shave for a smoother feel and to prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. Scrubs are great at sloughing the yuckies off the skin surface and leaving you with a sexy glow. As an added benefit, sloughing off dead skin allows the body to detoxify more easily. Bring on the sugar!

     The downside is these scrubs are usually pretty expensive. I refuse to pay $20.00 for something I can make at home for $1.00. If you agree, here’s my recipe:


Sugar (you can also use kosher salt)

½ cup Olive oil (there are other oil options- this is a good general one)

Essential oils (or add some grated ginger root, fair trade cocoa, orange zest, vanilla, chamomile tea, the options are endless!) 


     Take ½ cup olive oil and mix with enough sugar/salt to achieve the scrub consistency you like. Add about 5 drops of essential oil (or other fragrance/healing ingredient you desire). Be sure to get a 100% pure, organic essential oil or oil blend (when possible). Stay away from “fragrance oils” which may have artificial fragrances or chemicals. Mix all ingredients together, put in a sealed container and store in the fridge. This gentle scrub can be used a few times per week. I just grab a condiment dish, fill it with some scrub and bring it into my shower/bath. Be sure to put the scrub out of waters way or it will melt before you use it. Take a bit out at a time and massage gently onto skin in circular motions. If you have any skin issues that may be irritated by scrubbing or sensitive to particular ingredients, talk to your dermatologist/aesthetician first. She/he might be able to give you other ingredient ideas that may work better for you.


Slough on, Peace out…



One Response to “Homemade Body Scrub”

  1. Naweko Says:

    Hey Aimee,
    Neat recipe. To make this a “cold soothing” body scrub for the winter months, you can use Epsom Salt instead of sugar and eucalyptus oil as an essential oil. The fragrance will open your nostrils and the salts will sooth aching muscles.

    Peace out,


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