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I’m in Love With Dara Torres August 15, 2008

Filed under: Physical Wellness — aprasek @ 12:49 am

Yep, this woman is pretty awesome. At 41, she’s the oldest Olympic swimming medalist. She’s the prime example of staying active throughout life. Of course, lucky her, she gets rewarded with Olympic medals for her exercise regimen… Nonetheless, this video is pretty inspiring (filmed before Beijing):



I find it funny that Matt Lauer asks her about performance enhancing drugs… as if a 41 year old couldn’t accomplish what she’s done. Her response is classic, “You know, maybe I’m a little more athletically gifted than you are.” Ha! Take that Matt!

Breathe in, Peace out…


3 Responses to “I’m in Love With Dara Torres”

  1. Lea Says:

    did you see her abs? She’s ripped!

  2. Pam! Says:

    I’m 37 and she is a my hero! She gives me motivation and drive to be strong and LOVE my body!!! She kicks major A*S!!!!! What a great message she is sending.

  3. Becki Says:

    I like the video! Wow, watching the Olympics makes me want to work out hard, 12 more weeks of pregnancy and then I can keep my body to myself for awhile.

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