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Candidate Comparison on Health Care Issues October 27, 2008

Filed under: Take Action! — aprasek @ 12:05 am

After the last presidential debate, I was surprised how little I actually knew about the candidate positions on the key healthcare issues. I didn’t want to just trust that my chosen candidate was right on these important issues. While digging for more information, I came across these sites:


The Kaiser Family Foundation has a helpful tool on their website that provides the basics of what McCain and Obama are proposing (regarding healthcare). You can even compare Obama and McCain’s proposals side-by-side to get a better idea of where they stand. References are listed at the bottom of the comparison page; use them as a starting block if you want to continue researching these issues.


          Also, Joseph Paduda, of the blog Managed Care Matters, wrote an entertaining article on what the health experts have to say about Obama and McCain’s proposals on healthcare.





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