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“Infinite Mind” Radio Host is BFF With Big Pharma November 28, 2008

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Another media doctor has been busted for making millions from the drug companies. The psychiatrist and radio host of “Infinite Mind”, Dr. Frederick K. Goodwin, has done work with GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis and others. Problem is, we shouldn’t be surprised. 

It is a frequent practice of the pharmaceutical companies to have doctors play as spokespeople/educators/consultants/witnesses for their products. This is a real problem when those doctors are given a platform like radio or television. Basically, the individual is getting extra dollars to plug something (disguised under “medical advice”) and will be more inclined to suggest this product to the public whether or not it is truly the best option.

Nathan Newman wrote a great article in 2002 on some of the issues with conficts of interest. Things have only gotten worse since then…

According to NPR, Dr. Goodwin did not disclose all of his conflicts of interest. Goodwin provided a pathetic excuse for his behavior:    

He defended the views he expressed in many of his radio programs and said that, because he consulted for so many drugmakers at once, he had no particular bias.


“These companies compete with each other and cancel each other out,” he said.

Check out the full NY Times article about this guy.


Wow. So many at once? So many that they cancel each other out? I imagine that he’s made a lot more Big Pharma cash than what he finally revealed. This is another good reminder that we need to hold a critical eye to the medical information that gets dumped on us daily.


Breathe in, Peace out…



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