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Crazy Sexy Healing December 15, 2008

Filed under: Physical Wellness,Spiritual Wellness — aprasek @ 2:24 pm

Kris Carr, director and subject of the film, Crazy Sexy Cancer is challenging common beliefs about healing.



Much of American culture identifies healing as “survival”. This narrow focus of healing dominates medical research. If a drug extends life by 4 weeks, the drug is considered successful. Quality of life and side effects are often ignored. The connection with death has been severed and mutated to such an extreme, that death has become a medical failure.

Kris Carr is challenging this belief and the U.S. medical system in a very creative way. Of course, as a young adult diagnosed with a rare and terminal form of cancer, she is seeking survival. But, she is also sharing an experience of healing that goes beyond the physical. Through her journey in the film, her spiritual and emotional healing show their value and strength.

I’m not going to spoil the movie anymore for you… It’s now available on DVD. Definitely rent it; buy it if you can.

Carr also has a blog, 2 books and more. Check out her website for good information, laughs and inspiration.


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