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Random Thoughts: Acai, Seroquel & Prozatene March 21, 2009

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Acai Berries

Is the secret to weight loss hidden in the acai berry?

We’ve discussed this here before. The answer is still “No.” Here’s a short and entertaining article about the acai berry.


Who’s in bed with Big Pharma today?

It looks like a University of Minnesota psychiatrist, Dr. S. Charles Schulz, has jumped into the Big Pharma bed. Back in 2000, Schulz made some exaggeraged claims for AstraZenaca’s mood-stabilizing drug, Seroquel. As a paid consultant for AstraZeneca, claims like that would likely mean a little extra cash in Schulz’s  pocket. Read the Star Tribune story here.

Whatever the details may be for this particular “misunderstanding” (as Dr. Shulz has termed it), this is just more evidence that Big Pharma (and our current healthcare system) has a lot of ethical issues to clean up.     


Speaking of…


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