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Worms for My PC; Polio, Hep A & Typhoid for Me April 19, 2009

Filed under: Complementary Therapies,Nutritional Wellness — aprasek @ 6:57 pm

Yikes. What a weekend.

On Thursday evening, my computer got infected. Worms I suppose. Bugs, trojan horse, virus… whatever. I was ticked.

So, people really sit at their computer and create these things? To intentionally screw with people? I suppose some of the viruses are geared towards collecting personal data– but not all, right? I’m so confused by it all. Seriously hackers, get a life. Ahhh… that’s enough… sorry… Namaste… 🙂  

Thankfully, it’s all fixed now.

Ironically, earlier that morning, I had the opportunity to be injected with my own bugs– polio and Hep A. I was given typhoid pills for dessert and some malaria pills to enjoy later. Considering my over-the-top fear of shots, I’m surprised I even made the appointment (profuse sweating, incessant chatter, tense muscles– it’s almost embarrassing).

But, the shots were necessary to prepare me for an adventure I’m taking in May. I’ll be heading to northern India to study yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and Tibetan medicine for 3 weeks. I’ll be bloggin while I’m there and will share as much good stuff as I can on WG.  

If anyone has some advice for my trip, I’d appreciate it!


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