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Swine Flu Information April 27, 2009

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Piggy Prophylactic Measures

Warnings like this can be scary. I feel my heart race a little every time I hear new info about swine flu. And unfortunately, even though I haven’t eaten a piggy product in years, I wouldn’t be immune to it.

I have to continue to remind myself that our government is taking fast, aggressive steps to prevent the worst from happening. And these dynamic preventative actions are a good thing (learn more about the nonpharmaceutical interventions used in the 1918 pandemic and how these interventions affected disease transmission and mortality– it’s a fascinating article).

However, amidst this government urgency, citizens can get caught up in the worst-case scenarios and freak out. It’s vital then that people are getting their information from trusted sources and feel confident about the measures they can take to stay healthy. With aggressive emergency preparedness from our government and with calm, knowledgeable citizens, we’ll be well-prepared to handle additional cases of swine flu.


Listen to this interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Just click the play button next to “Swine Flu: No Cause for Alarm.” 


Listen/watch the CDC podcast for some general information on Swine Flue– it provides info on what swine flu is, transmission, treatment and preventative measures.

Here are simple measures we can all take to help keep our communities healthy:

1.   If you feel sick, stay home from work/school/public places. Seriously, stay home.

2.  Cover your coughs and sneezes. Wash hands frequently.

3.  Go to the doctor if necessary (see symptom lists from links below)

4.  Stay calm and rely on accurate information. Don’t trust the sensationalized media messages just looking to add viewers. With less anxiety and fear, your immune system will stay stronger.


Depend on these sources for accurate and up to date information on Swine Flu:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota (Gotta plug my school!)


3 Responses to “Swine Flu Information”

  1. Chorlton Says:

    It wasn’t until this outbreak that I heard about the 1976 outbreak, in which one soldier died and more disturbingly hundreds were killed or suffered serious side effects from the vaccine. According to at least one article, drug companies were heavily involved in the decision to push the vaccine.

  2. Ann Says:

    What??? People died from the vaccine? Is this the same vaccine they are trying to push out now?

  3. Chorlton Says:

    More people died from the vaccine than the virus! The main product in use now is Tamiflu (which is making a certain Donald Rumsfeld, who was instrumental in the acceptance of Aspartame by the FDA, a very rich man). Tamiflu is not the same drug. You can read more about Tamiflu’s side effects here:

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