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Finals Week Procrastination May 4, 2009

Filed under: Miscellaneous — aprasek @ 9:41 am

Amidst my frenzied effort to get my work done for yet another finals week, I realized that I haven’t posted in a while.

I also haven’t worked out since Saturday morning (and I didn’t have a drop of sweat during that workout)… I’ve had little sleep the last few nights (and anticipate less in the nights to come)… I only had the equivalent of 2 servings of veggies this entire weekend (3 if you count the french fries)… and last night I had a nightmare that I drank 7 shots of espresso to stay awake (this was a definite nightmare, being that my body handles caffeine like it’s cocaine). 

This is so annoyingly humorous to me. I can hold my sanity and health through most of what life throws at me, but finals week is a monster I can’t seem to tackle.

I’ve counted up all the weeks of finals in my collegiate career and this will be final week number 16. And, after 15 weeks of practice up to this point, I can honestly say that nothing has changed. I still procrastinate like I did when I was 18, my self-care sucks for the entire week and I like to complain to everyone I know about how much it sucks. Yup. Check, check and check.

Oh well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for week 17. However for this week, any words of wisdom for sanity during finals time/stressful times would be much appreciated!

On a very different note, I came across an interesting report at HealthReform.gov about health care in rural America (yes, I found this while surfing the web when I should have been writing a paper). The report discusses lack of insurance, high costs and health disparities. Check it out here.


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