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Climate Change in the Himalayas June 9, 2009

Filed under: Environmental Wellness — aprasek @ 9:24 am

Some gorgeous scenery from my trip:

View of the Himalayas near our hotel in Dharamsala.

The houses that sit in the mountains


The Himalayas create a breathtaking backdrop in Dharamsala, India. Unfortunately, the scenery is changing.

I talked to one gentleman during my stay in Dharamsala who said that they received maybe a flake of snow last winter. This is significant considering three feet of snow is the average.

Check out these pictures and an article about how climate change is affecting the Himalayas. The changes in the last 50 years provide more evidence of how our behaviors affect our planet. 

Here’s another article about how these changes are affecting/could affect the plants, animals and humans of the Himalayas and even those far away from the mountain range.


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