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HealthReform.Gov Report: Health Disparities June 10, 2009

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Consider these facts from the report:

More than one in three Hispanics and American Indians – and just under one in five African Americans – are uninsured. In comparison, only about one in eight Whites lacks health insurance.


Four in 10 low-income Americans do not have health insurance, and half of the nearly 46 million uninsured people in the United States are poor. About one-third of the uninsured have a chronic disease, and they are six times less likely to receive care for a health problem than the insured. In contrast, 94% of upper-income Americans have health insurance.


Read the full report here. Statistics on health disparities illustrate very clearly that healthcare in the U.S. is a luxury for a select group of people. 

My husband and I were uninsured for three years. Thank God nothing happened to us. We are now insured, but our $2,000 deductible makes a doctors visit impossible. I’ve also been working for over one year to save up enough extra cash to get my wisdom teeth out- all becuase dental insurance is not even an option for us (but, I spent that money in India… oops).

I find it crazy that hubby and I don’t have decent healthcare. We’ve done everything “right”- we’re employed, pay our taxes, we’re educated, pay our bills, etc. But, our system is clear- we just don’t make enough money to access healthcare.

I realize though, how lucky we are. If one of us had a chronic condition we wouldn’t even have a chance at insurance. And, as this report clearly points out, being White instantly gives us a better shot at healthcare. What a joke our system is- it was created by rich, older white men for rich, older white men. It’s time to change.

Visit HealthReform.gov for more information on healthcare reform and opportunities to get involved.   


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