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Organic Food is for the Birds. And for the Dogs, Cats, Fish… June 12, 2009

Filed under: Pet Wellness — aprasek @ 5:39 pm

The benefits of organic food apply to pet food as well.  Check out this segment from the Lazy Environmentalist:



When you purchase organic pet food (from ethical companies), your money instantly supports the humane treatment of farm animals and also agricultural practices that do not pollute our environment. The few extra dollars it may cost are worth it; your pet will be happier and healthier (which equates to less vet bills and a longer life). 



2 Responses to “Organic Food is for the Birds. And for the Dogs, Cats, Fish…”

  1. jen boda Says:

    I can definitely tell the difference in my dog’s energy level, coat luster, and breathe now that she is on organic food. Thanks so much for profiling this.


  2. wedto09 Says:

    Thank You for the information. I really like this Post.

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