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Honest Tea June 23, 2009

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Thought I would share one of my favorite summer beverages:

Honest Tea

Mmmmmm… Honest Tea beverages. I’ve sipped on almost all the flavors, and every one is fabulous. 

I love ’em for so many reasons: 

The teas and punches are organic and fair trade… The unsweetened teas are flavorful… The sweetened varieties use just a bit of organic cane sugar… The teas are made from high-quality tea leaves and likely retain much of their health benefits… And most importantly,  all this good stuff is made by an ethical and socially responsible company.  

Check out the Honest Tea website for more info.

A little tip:  The teas that come in the glass bottles make great reusable beverage holders. I have about eight on hand and fill them up with my own brewed tea or my cranberry/cherry water (1-2 oz organic cranberry or tart cherry juice, 1/2 oz organic lemon juice and fill the rest of the bottle with water). I put these bottles in the fridge so I can grab a cold one on the go and not be tempted to buy a drink at the store. A healthy drink like this can be a nice change from water, and with just a bit of honey stirred in, can be a sweet treat.   


2 Responses to “Honest Tea”

  1. Hyedi Says:

    The pearfect white tea is my favorite!

  2. Aimee Says:

    That’s Charlie’s favorite too! Mine is the peach… or the mate…

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