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Free Screenings of Food Inc. July 13, 2009

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Chipotle is hosting free screenings of Food Inc.!

The deal: 

Find a film near youClick to see if a city near you has a free screening. Free screenings are happening through July 30th. If there isn’t a free screening near you, save up a few dollars and buy a ticket- the movie is way worth it. Visit the Food Inc. website to get tickets.

Make it dinner and a movie for under $10:  Once you find a screening, let your friends know and plan a big group date. Hit up Chipotle after the movie for some movie discussion and an ethically conscious and tasty burrito. The hubs and I always share the vegetarian burrito with chips and guac. So tasty…

Here’s a great story about Chipotle and its founder, Steve Ells:



2 Responses to “Free Screenings of Food Inc.”

  1. Scott Says:

    Yet another reason to chow on Chipotle! Love those gigantic burritos!

  2. Erica Says:

    Thanks for posting this- I was able to go to catch a showing for free! What a movie. I loved the pig farmer- so hilarious and brilliant.

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