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Eco Wiping July 16, 2009

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There are some really easy ways to help save our planet. Here are two:

1.  Use recycled toilet paper.

2.  Buy a reusable snot rag.

The video below describes the importance of these simple changes. Thanks Fox News 🙂



Click here if you would like to send a friendly email to Kimberly-Clark telling them to stop forest destruction for disposable tissue (the letter is already written for you, so just fill in the blanks).

Click here for a tissue buying guide. Simply buy a brand in the green category and you’ve made a difference in this world. Easy, huh? If you don’t download the guide, just look for brands like Seventh Generation, Green Forest and 365. Trader Joe’s and CVS also have recycled tissue products.

Hank & Cheef

For sniffles, consider switching to a handkerchief. Hank & Cheef’s are especially stylish and you can order online. I used to have about 10 on hand when my allergies were bad. I know the rags can get a bit wet if you’re having allergies, but it’s just a little mucous. Consider it another way to get more in touch with your body 🙂 



One Response to “Eco Wiping”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Just got the 365 brand at Whole Foods- it was actually cheaper than the TP I usually buy! Good suggestion!

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