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What’s Universal Health Care Really Like? August 10, 2009

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 Check out what Bill Campbell is doing over at his website, Tome of the Unknown Writer…

You may have heard, we Americans are currently debating our health care system and there’s a serious fight to have some sort of universal health care. Currently, the opponents of reform are filling people’s heads with “horror” stories from France, Canada, the UK, etc., about how your system basically lets people die in the streets while they wait for care. I don’t buy it, but a lot of people are.


So, I’m looking for stories from countries with some form of universal health care:
The UK, Canada, France, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Israel, etc.


I want to know what your experiences have been with your health care system. I’m not looking for strictly good nor strictly bad stories. I just want honest stories. Tell us what’s been going on with you. Tell us the good, the bad, the beautiful, and/or the ugly.

Visit Campbell’s site for more information on sending a story. If you have friends/family living in a country with Universal care, send this post on/tweet this post and encourage them to share their health care experiences.

There are lots of stories already posted, so be sure to visit the site to check them out. 



7 Responses to “What’s Universal Health Care Really Like?”

  1. joel belan Says:

    I am currently disabled under ADA guidlines. Yet there is NO affordable available mental health care in the city of and suburbs of Saint Cloud Minnesota -population around 80,000. I went to Cathoic Charities for food and asked for help they said they had a 6 month waiting list FOR EVALUATING whether they could see me or not. This was over 2 years ago (I applied anyway) at “Caritas”. No response. People with Sleep, Stress, Anxiety,and or mood disorders are GREATLY WRONGED in AMERICA. Almost ALL returning frontline veterans will have some or all of the aforementioned issues to address in this “Military Town”. Instead of getting the help I needed I have wound up in the ER instead 3 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -ASTRONOMICAL BILLS. ASSURING I CAN NEVER INHERIT A CENT IN MY LIFE WITHOUT THE GOV TAKING IT. -THEY OWN ME NOW. HEALTH CARE IS CURRENTLY BROKEN!

  2. Lulu Says:

    Joel, what sux is that you’re not the only with these problems. Why can’t the critics just take a moment to really listen? Nobody has it good right now. We’re all prisoners of the insurance co’s. Health care needs to be fixed.

  3. Jess Says:

    Based on Joels comment, looks like rationing, denied treatment and no choice of doctors is the CURRENT situation for care in this country. Thax for sharing Joel. Nobody should go bankrupt because they get sick.

  4. chorlton Says:

    No system is perfect, but let me give you one example of NHS healthcare in the UK. Prescriptions (RX drugs) are about $10 – fixed fee (unless you need regular prescriptions, in which case you can get a certificate for a years supply for less than $200, and that includes multiple prescriptions each month). If you are over 60, its free.
    Sure, there are waiting lists and other problems to be fixed, but people dont have to choose between drugs and food each month. What is the point of government if it does not intend to take care of the people?

  5. Steph Says:

    “What is the point of government if it does not intend to take care of the people?”

    Amen Chorlton!

  6. Kris Says:

    I also find it amazing that the link between employment and health insurance is rarely challenged. Think what it would do to the economy to free businesses from that huge expense. More importantly, losing or changing jobs should not mean losing health insurance. Health insurance should also not have to be a consideration when choosing where you are going to work, whether to go back to school, etc.

  7. Aimee Says:

    Kris, I completely agree! It’s really unfortunate when people have to make an employment decision based on health insurance. It prevents those without tons of extra money from going back to school or making job changes based on interest and passions.

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