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No Need for Bread When There’s Fried Chicken Around. September 1, 2009

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I posted earlier about the disgusting ingredients in KFC’s grilled chicken and the nutritionally void kid’s meals that are served up in many of the fast food chains. These items generally pretend/lie to consumers that the product is “healthy.” So, I suppose the new “Double Down” sandwich is a much better sandwich- ethically speaking.

The sandwich makes no attempts to be seen as healthy. It is fried chicken, stacked with two strips of fried bacon, draped with two types of cheese, ladled with some secret sauce and sealed with another serving of fried chicken.

KFC has not released the nutrition facts of the sandwich, but I added up the stats from the individual items and came up with the following score: 1250 calories, 62 grams of fat. Pretty amazing that you can ingest something like 1200 calories without an ounce of quality nutrients.

So, will you be trying a Double Down in the future? Ooh, and one more question:  Do you think selling a sandwich like this to an already-obese America is ethical?  


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  1. What are the right words … super, great idea

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