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Before You Hire that Personal Trainer… October 1, 2009

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Careful with those weights... 

It’s interesting to notice that since The Biggest Loser has been back on, there has been more activity in the gym and more personal training sessions purchased. Of course, autumn also brings in more of the seasonal gym-goers, but I really think there is a surge from the reality show.

In my personal training, bootcamp and yoga classes, I’ll sometimes instruct an exercise from the show. After class (or during a training session), I’ll hear, “I saw that on last week’s episode!” I think it’s awesome; the show inspires, motivates and encourages healthy behaviors. Long live Biggest Loser.

But, on a sour note, sometimes the exercise form on the show is frightening. Understandably, the focus for the trainers is to kick the contestants’ tushes versus staying on top of their form. It makes for entertaining TV, but try not to copy what you see. 

If you see an exercise on the show that looks new and fun, do some research on correct form before you dive in. Or, feel free to email me the exercise and I’ll explain correct form or do a video post on it. Correct form is more important than intensity, sets, reps or anything else. You can’t complete those reps or sets if you get hurt.

OK, back to the gym. If you’re thinking about hiring a personal trainer, please read my post about the industry (Dangerous Personal Trainers) and another post on things to consider before hiring a personal trainer. I’ve been training for quite a while now and have seen some pretty crazy (and dangerous) situations– it’s important to be educated on these issues before you drop hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.

Email me at aimee@wellnessgossip.com or comment below if you have questions or comments about exercises, personal trainers, etc. 



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