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Food as Medicine: Depression and the Mediterranean Diet October 6, 2009

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Good for the body and mind...

I’m a big fan of the Mediterranean diet– there’s tons of research to support its many health benefits and it just tastes good.

Unfortunately, it’s the Cookie diets, Alli pills and Sensa systems that seem to steal the “diet” show. I ripped on a study not too long ago that pitted low carb, low fat and the Mediterranean diet against each other to determine a weight-loss winner. The study crowned the low-carb diet… I disagreed with the findings though (big surprise, eh?!).

But the physical benefits are only part of the picture. A recent study revealed that a Mediterranean diet may decrease an individual’s risk for depression.

These emotional benefits may be due to the healthy fats, vitamin B, high antioxidant levels, decreases in inflammation… the researchers aren’t quite sure. In fact, it’s likely that the diet relies on a variety of factors like these to ease depression.

These findings are a powerful reminder that nutrition plays a huge role in our human experience. Food is more than just calories; as Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This should be an empowering piece of knowledge to take forward. We have the opportunity to make choices in our eating that not only affect our physical body, but also our mind and spirit.


2 Responses to “Food as Medicine: Depression and the Mediterranean Diet”

  1. Im a fan of experimenting with diffent eating styles, and although Ive lost weight on low carb but it always makes me feel like crap, I can’t stay on it for more than a week at a time. The Med diet is a far easier one to follow and I get to keep my “pep.”

  2. Aimee Says:

    You raise such an important point IP, the best eating style is really the one that makes YOU feel the best. The one that your body and mind thrive and nourish on. And I think each person has a little different style or formula to achieve this. It’s all about discovering what that is. Awesome that you’ve taken notice to see what you feel best on.

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