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NAMI: Big Pharma’s “Grassroots” Organization. Part II. October 31, 2009

Filed under: Complementary Therapies,Healthy Mind — aprasek @ 3:47 pm

NAMI has finally admitted (kind of) that they are way too involved with Big Pharma.

Click here to read my earlier post on NAMI and why being BFF with Big Pharma is not the best route for advocacy organizations. If you donate money or volunteer with advocacy organizations, this is important info to be aware of. None of us need to be donating to help advertise for Big Pharma. They steal enough money from us as it is.

Check out the latest article about NAMI from the NYT. Apparently, NAMI is committed to having more “balanced” fund-raising and will also post on its Web site the names of companies that donate $5,000 or more.

So, here’s your chance NAMI. You have two options:  1) Keep making out with Big Pharma and continue to regurgitate an outdated and oppressive mental health message… or, 2) Clean up shop (like you say you will) and actually communicate an integrated message that brings awareness, decreases stigma and educates the public on prevention and the many treatment options available.

Pick number 2! Pick number 2!


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