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Is Depression a Disease? December 28, 2009

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So, what do you think, is depression a disease?

I’ve been exploring this question for many years now. And the more I explore the more questions I have. Nonetheless, the exploration has been healing in and of itself.

Here’s a fascinating debate that I came across a few years ago whenI was working on a project. Thomas Szasz, M.D., Jeffrey Schaler, M.D., Ron Leifer, M.D., Donald Klein, M.D., Frederick Goodwin, M.D. and Peter Kramer, M.D. debate the question, “Is depression a disease?” Their insights are really fascinating.

On a somewhat related note, Carl Jung’s The Red Book has recently been published. A professor of mine had a copy of the book to show me. It’s unreal. It’s full of these intense, captivating pictures that beg to be stared at and studied. I’m dreaming about buying a copy and pouring over it (right now I need to save up $ for next semester’s books. Blurgh.). See the video below for more. And be sure to read the NYTs article on the book. The article is long, but worth the time– at the very least, check out the graphics of the book on the left side of the online article (on the first page).



Chocolate, Yoga and Cults December 22, 2009

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These are the three things on my mind right now. I know, random. But, they’re kind of connected… 

Last week was finals week for me. Ugh. The dreaded week always gets the best of me. One day last week, I actually had malt balls for breakfast. Yup, malt balls. And quite a few of them.

This evening was a bit different. I took some much needed silent time to just sit and be still. After some solitude, I enjoyed a square of extra dark chocolate that had bits of orange peel hidden within (a personal fave of mine). It was divine. I sat with the chocolate for a while and thought about last week. I realized that I likely missed a lot of wonderful moments last week because I was too wrapped up in the stress of my own little world. Seriously, I didn’t even take time to enjoy my malt ball breakfast.  

This evening I was able to reconnect with the help of a great yoga class. It was actually this feeling of connection that attracted me to yoga nearly eight years ago (during a finals week). So, a recent article in the Star Tribune about bringing yoga into schools really got my attention. But what was even more interesting were the comments in response to the article. The main complaint was that “yoga is a religion” and it was wrong to push it in our schools.

I’m curious… what do you think? Is yoga a religious practice that should not be offered in schools?

Then I came across this interesting story about a practice called Dahn Yoga. The practice has been labeled a cult by some and a saving grace by others. Apparently, the founder of this practice should have been on a few episodes of MTV cribs. Some former Dahn practitioners believe much of the money from the organization goes to fund the founder’s extravagant lifestyle. Nonetheless, some people still see this practice (and its founder) as a path to enlightenment. 

What do you think? Can spiritual transformation be assisted through the guidance of someone (or a system) who does not have pure intentions?

So these are my random musings of the day and week. Now that my life is a little less chaotic, I look forward to posting more on WG and reconnecting with my web family 🙂


Breathe in, Peace out,



7 Foods to Stay Away From December 15, 2009

Filed under: Nutritional Wellness — aprasek @ 11:35 am

This is a pretty good list of not-so-healthy foods:

Canned tomatoes, Corn-fed beef, Microwave popcorn, Conventional potatoes, Farmed salmon, Milk produced with artificial hormones and Conventional apples. Read the full article explaining why these foods have been called out and how you can make healthier choices.

Any other foods you think should be added to the list? (Here’s my always-evolving “Never never list.”)


Cuke Skywalker, Ham Solo, Obi-Wan Canoli and… Darth Tater December 10, 2009

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I’m supposed to be writing a paper… thankfully, it’s my last for the semester. But instead of being productive, I’m laughing hysterically (and all by myself) to vegetables and other foodstuffs explain the importance of organics while dressed as Star Wars characters. And yes, they definitely have lightsabers.


Grocery Store WarsCelebrity bloopers here


Six Frankenstein Foods December 8, 2009

Filed under: Nutritional Wellness — aprasek @ 10:56 am

This is a pretty entertaining article: “The 6 Weirdest, Scariest Processed Foods.”

The article hits spray-can cheese, oreo cookie filling, condensed soup, spam, artificial blueberries and avocado-free guacamole (my personal fave).

Do you have any frankenstein foods to add?


Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain December 7, 2009

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Dr. Matthieu Ricard is absolutely amazing (learn more about him in this interview). Check out his presentation, Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain:  Cultivating Inner Conditions for Genuine Happiness.”


It Burns! December 5, 2009

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Being that hubs is a firefighter, I find this particularly entertaining…