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Is Depression a Disease? December 28, 2009

Filed under: Healthy Mind — aprasek @ 9:39 pm

So, what do you think, is depression a disease?

I’ve been exploring this question for many years now. And the more I explore the more questions I have. Nonetheless, the exploration has been healing in and of itself.

Here’s a fascinating debate that I came across a few years ago whenI was working on a project. Thomas Szasz, M.D., Jeffrey Schaler, M.D., Ron Leifer, M.D., Donald Klein, M.D., Frederick Goodwin, M.D. and Peter Kramer, M.D. debate the question, “Is depression a disease?” Their insights are really fascinating.

On a somewhat related note, Carl Jung’s The Red Book has recently been published. A professor of mine had a copy of the book to show me. It’s unreal. It’s full of these intense, captivating pictures that beg to be stared at and studied. I’m dreaming about buying a copy and pouring over it (right now I need to save up $ for next semester’s books. Blurgh.). See the video below for more. And be sure to read the NYTs article on the book. The article is long, but worth the time– at the very least, check out the graphics of the book on the left side of the online article (on the first page).



4 Responses to “Is Depression a Disease?”

  1. Brianna Says:

    Tough question! I think that our society relies on depression as a disease for a lot of reasons. 1) Money (for our greedy sickcare system) 2) To remove personal responsibility for healing 3) Because we’ve disconnected the mind from the body and soul. I’m sure I could think of more…

  2. Mary Says:

    Aimee thanks for posting this. Looks fascinating. Going to try and finish up the article. Brianna nice insight!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Depression is definitely a disease and if you’ve seen people battle it firsthand, you don’t question if it’s a disease. Just because it relies on subjective rather than objective information somehow people think it’s not a disease. If it’s not a disease how to you explain when people reach the depths of despair and in some cases take their own life? With the mentality that it’s some sort of reliance of our society, how do you explain other conditions like Fibromyalgia?

  4. Chorlton Says:

    There is no doubt that some people are predisposed to depression. I’n most cases I don’t believe drugs are the answer, since no attempt is made to address the cause. I suppose it depends on your definition of disease, but I’d tend to agree with Brianna.

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