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“Rethinking Happiness” January 7, 2010

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The last decade of January 7’s have not been so hot for me. But this January 7 was really different. Today’s date marks the 10 year anniversary of my dad’s death. It was a long road for me to move past his death and finally discover happiness in my life. But, all that screwing around, silly mistakes, self-destruction and the like have brought so many amazing learning opportunities to my life. I’m really thankful for the struggles and sour times, because the happiness is so much sweeter for it.

I’m thankful for the wisdom I now have to approach struggle differently. I’m thankful that it no longer consumes me, identifies me or enslaves me. I’m thankful that happiness is something that I can now experience and that I can share at any moment. It’s a choice for me, not always easy, but still a choice. And that’s what I want to do in this life; Be Happy and Give Happy.

It was quite fitting then, that a friend told me today about “Rethinking Happiness.” Rethinking Happiness is one of three episodes in a PBS special called Our Emotional Lives. This episode explores the experiences of happiness. It’s a bit long, but worth it. The other episodes are “Facing Our Fears” and “Family, Friends & Lovers.” My weekend plans include watching the other two episodes. Let me know how they are if you’ve already watched them πŸ™‚

BTW, If you don’t want to watch the whole Happiness episode, at least watch the last 30 or 40 minutes (which I think is the best).

The Happiness episode also highlights MBSR (here’s a great video to try out MBSR) and some of Dr. Richard Davidson’s work (remember the Thukdam post?). There’s also some great footage of Dharamsala, India. Here are some of my pics from my trip to Delhi and Dharamsala.

Click here to watch the video and please share your thoughts on the episodes if you check ’em out.

Most of all, let’s all gossip a lot about happiness this weekend. Chat about it at the water cooler, signal it to the treadmill runner at the gym and even send it to that A-hole who just cut you off on an already icy highway (he/she really needs it too).

Wishing you much love, blessings and happiness,



5 Responses to ““Rethinking Happiness””

  1. lee Says:

    I felt the same after my dad died too. Nobody ever wants to talk about death. It makes it harder then to work through. Thanks for saying too that it took along time for you to heal. Makes me feel more normal about how long it took me.

  2. chibo Says:

    Aimee, I saw most of ‘family, friends and lovers’ and it was pretty good. I didn’t see the other parts, but if you liked the one of them, I would think it’s a safe bet you’ll like the others! There was some neat stuff in the one I saw. πŸ™‚

  3. Kathy Says:

    I’m impressed by yoour personal growth, Aimee. I probably met you 10 years ago this spring or summer. You impress me with your growth and your ability to seek knowledge.

  4. Aimee Says:

    Thanks Kath. I’m lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing teachers like yourself πŸ™‚

    Chibo, I agree, just finished it. Didn’t get to the fears one yet… this week I hope. Thanks for sharin!

  5. Sanjay Says:

    Rethinking Happiness. I always feel grateful for the things around me like my job, my family and everything. I would try to see things as they are not from what i am. If this kind of attitude continues, we will be able to cherish our life further.

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