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The Americanization of Mental Illness January 15, 2010

Filed under: Healthy Mind — aprasek @ 12:49 pm

FASCINATING article from the NYTs: The Americanization of Mental Illness.

If you read it, please comment back here. I would love to hear more opinions on this one…


3 Responses to “The Americanization of Mental Illness”

  1. george ebert Says:

    Calling people who are having emotional or behavior issues “mentally ill” serves only to allow special doctors administer special procedures on special people – most often without our willing and informed consent.

  2. jen Says:

    totally agreed george. The system takes advantage by diagnosing what they don’t understand and then simply medicate without concern for personal differences.

  3. Scott Says:

    Boy do I agree with the above comments and the premise of this article! I am a man who lived for 12 years with a mis-diagnosis of bipolar disorder and nearly lost my life as a result. Please look at my story on my website http://www.liveyourpassion.org/about-scott/

    I want to blog/chat with others who may be concerned about this serious risk and form of subtle maltreatment.

    Thank you for looking at my personal story.


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