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Before Moving to Costa Rica to Escape… March 9, 2010

Filed under: Health Care Reform — aprasek @ 1:45 pm

I absolutely love this. Yet another example of the ignorance and fear-mongering that is permeating this debate:


Costa Rica has had a universal health care system since 1941. Compared to the U.S., Costa Rica spends at least 6% less of their GDP on health. And they ranked one above the U.S. in the WHOs overall performance ratings for 1997.

So yeah critics, prove your point of fighting “a government takeover” of medicine by threatening to move to countries that have systems even more “liberal” than what is being proposed for the U.S. (and systems that have better health outcomes than the U.S.).

Read Atul Gawande’s article, “The Cost Conundrum: What a Texas town can teach us about health care.”

And if you haven’t seen Frontline’s “Sick around the World,” it’s time to watch it.


2 Responses to “Before Moving to Costa Rica to Escape…”

  1. Chorlton Says:

    The healthcare situation in the US is shameful. It reflects a prevailing attitude that everyone can be rich if they just work at it, and that laissez-faire capitalism is the solution to everything, neither of whcih is true.
    Why is it okay to provide “socialised” healthcare to politicians, but not the people who elect them? How can you listen to a politician who argues against improved healthcare and take the seriously when he or she enjoys the best (taxpayer-funded) healthcare in the country?
    Once again, the corporations win, and the people lose.

  2. Mel Says:

    you said it Chorlton. It’s so crazy to me that people are fighting against equality & better care for even them! Makes no sense…

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