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Oil Clean Up: Plan H (H is for Hair). May 20, 2010

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Want to get a fabulous summer hair cut and help save the planet? Lorri Weisen, owner of Hair’s to You Salon (Roseville, MN), is providing great coverage regarding the push to use hair booms to help clean up the oil spill.

Visit her blog to see how the booms work and the progress being made in this.

I’ve got about 11 inches of split ends just waiting to make a difference…

And check out this video from Matter of Trust to see more:


I Have a Favor to Ask… May 17, 2010

After finishing my academic *stuff* on Wednesday, I was left with a strange void and question in my mind… “What now?!” The feeling was too much for me 🙂

So, I went back to my second home (my MAC) and stumbled across a contest for the OWN Network. I was stoked to see what the contest was for– the chance to win your own show! Having a show focused on complementary health and preventative health has always been my dream. It has been the goal that has guided me through my last 10 years of education and experiences. So, amidst my finals hangover, I applied for the show and threw together an audition video.

To my surprise, I’ve actually received some votes! But, I’ll need a lot more to move onto the second round. The five people with the most votes on July 3 will go on. So, I’ll need a group of people who are willing to vote 100+ times per day until July 3. I’m hoping our WG community can help do that 🙂

It only takes about 2 minutes to vote 100 times. People have told me that they just click on the vote button and hold down the enter key! It’s like rapid fire from then on!

If you believe in spreading the message of integrative health, then I would LOVE it if you’d vote for me and help to make this happen. Let’s create something awesome together!

Click here to watch the video and vote as much as you can.

And please send this on to your contacts and post on your social media sites!

Much love and many, many thanks guys 🙂


Whoa. I’m back!

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Thanks for all the emails of concern guys! Not to worry, I’m still here- just had to take a month off to finish my thesis. It was a rough couple months…

But, now I’m back and more refreshed than ever! Let’s get this gossip started 🙂