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My Documentary About Healing… June 20, 2010

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Ten years ago, I was in a sort of catatonic shock from my dad’s death. I thought my life had been destroyed– most of our possessions were repossessed or sold, we were kicked out of our home and I no longer had a dad. I was just turning 18 and I had no idea how to handle any of it. Cue downward spiral…

Now I sit here– ironically on father’s day– with the trailer for my documentary about this journey. The film follows some of my struggles and successes, but most importantly, it brings attention to the small everyday practices that we can implement in our lives to find true healing.

On this father’s day, I can honestly say, “Thank you dad.” You’ve still been with me these last 10 years, teaching me some really challenging lessons. This documentary stems from everything you were, everything we shared and everything you’ve taught me these last 28 years. What a blessing. And by the way, thanks for all the signs lately… I needed them.

Here’s the synopsis for the film:

We have all experienced suffering in our lives. And we have all longed for healing and relief from these times of struggle. Desperate to find a cure for my own self-destruction and depression, I embarked on a journey to find true healing. I began by facing my greatest fear; investigating my dad’s death. Also, as many spiritual seekers do, I packed up my bags and jumped a plane to India. I traveled to Dharamsala to interview the most renowned spiritual leaders, scholars and Tibetan doctors about healing the mind. This is my story through that journey; a journey through a dark maze of suffering with just one goal at the end– happiness.

So, without further ado, here is the trailer for my doco that will be premiering in Spring 2011:

Oh yeah, and if you have a rich aunt or brother who wants to help fund a film, send them my way 🙂


Unmasked: The Truth About Cosmetics June 14, 2010

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First, if you enjoyed the flick, please click here to support my work by voting 10+ times every day until July 3rd. Each vote brings me closer to my dream of communicating wellness in an empowering, entertaining and informative way. Our world needs this! Please help to make it happen. To learn more about my wellness show pitch and how you can get involved, visit the post below this one.

To learn more about the safety of cosmetics, you must visit: http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/

And be sure to try the Green Body Green Planet products. Honestly, these are the only shampoos and conditioners I will ever use. I use the “Revitalizing” (scented) and It’s amazing. I also use them as a body wash (shampoo) and shaving cream (conditioner).

And visit the bookstore or Amazon ASAP to get the book, Not Just a Pretty Face by Stacy Malkan. It’s an eye-opening read. Learn more about the book here.

You can also check out my earlier posts for more info on my favorite products, what NOT to buy and other cosmetics gossip.

Breathe in, Peace out 🙂


OUR OWN Show! June 12, 2010

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Please read this entire post friends!! Lots of important info 🙂

I’m auditioning online to host a wellness show for the Oprah Winfrey Network. Here is my audition page (so you can vote 100 times each day!): http://myown.oprah.com/audition/index.html?request=video_details&response_id=265&promo_id=1

Creating a wellness show has always been my dream and the motivation behind my education and work experiences (you can read more about me here). But to make this dream happen, I need the participation of those who are also passionate about health. Together, we can create a show and communication platform that influences and empowers our world to discover more complete health and true healing.

More details:

My pitch is for a holistic health show with a lot of personality. The show hits all facets of health and will integrate interviews, demonstrations (therapies, medicinal recipes, etc.), location shoots (healing practices and initiatives around the U.S.) and lots of other interactive, applicable and entertaining content. More importantly, the show integrates a new production technique that will enable a diversity of voices to generate show topics AND actual content for both the TV show and the show’s website. This means that health practitioners, university and high school students, and others who are passionate about health can create content that reflects their own community, beliefs and experiences regarding wellness. That’s right, this will be OUR show, with OUR voices that creates change in OUR world. This is not the typical health show with a top down communication approach, this is a bottom up health revolution!

Here’s what to do:

The audition videos are voted on by the public and the top 5 move to the semi finals. Voting is almost over (July 3) and the competition is getting more serious.

I’m in 5th place now, but there are 3 individuals averaging 50,000+ votes per day… they’ll pass me by in about 5 days if I don’t pick it up. Which means I need to find a team of voters willing to tally up 50,000 votes each day. So, I’m looking for 500 people to vote 100 times per day. Would you be willing to join the team? It only takes about 3 minutes to vote 100 times. If you have a desk job or are at your computer a lot, just vote 10 times every hour or so. Another great time to vote is during shows or commercials when watching TV. And feel free to vote more than 100 times if you like and spread the word to others who are passionate about health (just copy this message into an email and send to your contacts with your own personal message at the top).

Voting Tips

Thankfully, there are ways to speed the voting up 🙂

  1. Try moving your side scrollbar so that the “vote” and “back” button are lined up perfectly between screens. If your computer doesn’t return to the top of each screen after it refreshes, then this works perfectly (you don’t have to move your mouse at all)! If that doesn’t work, try number 2.
  2. Minimize your screen to 75% (or zoom out to 75%) so that you don’t have to move the mouse so much.
  3. Don’t worry that your votes aren’t reflected right away. It takes about an hour for the vote totals to refresh. Just know, if you click it, it counts it!

This is our opportunity to show support for- and ultimately create- a show dedicated to a deeper understanding of health. Our world desperately needs this. I would be extremely grateful for absolutely any help you could offer- even just one vote. And please let me know if you have any questions.

Many, many thanks & much love,


If you would like to offer some additional help to make this show happen, here are some areas I need help with:

* Email to 5 of your closest friends with the encouragement to vote 100 times per day. Just paste this post into your email so they have all the details.

*  Spread the message (with the link to the audition page) to your FB contacts with an encouraging message (why people should care to spend 1 minute per day to vote) and a reminder to vote as many times per day as possible until July 3rd. If possible, post this info a few times before July 3.  My audition page link: http://myown.oprah.com/audition/index.html?request=video_details&response_id=265&promo_id=1

(and find me on Facebook too! Just search “Aimee Prasek”)

* Get the message out to relevant FB groups and fan sites.

* Same as above with Twitter (find me @WellnessGossip).

* Viral marketing (hit the same above points on the comment sections of relevant blogs, websites, etc.)

* Get the word out to schools (stressing the production opportunities that a show like this would offer interested high school students and those in health degree or journalism/communications programs)

* Media connections? If you have any, let me know! (there was an article in the 6/6 Pioneer Press, but I haven’t seen many votes from it- perhaps we need a more targeted audience with a real push for why people should vote)

* Other ideas??? Send ’em to me!