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Naturally Nutty & Yen Yoga in Michigan July 26, 2010

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So, I just returned from a VK in Michigan. And it was surprisingly fabulous! I guess I never thought of Michigan as a must-see destination. I was wrong.

Tourist highlights:  All the lakes (including the obvious– Lake Michigan), amazing sunsets, sand dunes (undoubtedly made to throw yourself down in a series of cartwheels and somersaults), little islands to kayak to and picnic on, all sorts of wildlife to watch (that includes people watching), cherry orchards (to pick and eat your way through) and tacky touristy things (my personal fave= extreme mini golf courses).

We mainly ran around Traverse City and Elk Rapids. But we also stopped in Charlevoix, Mackinaw, and some random little towns along our roadtrip route.

Here are a few of my favorite things I discovered:

Naturally Nutty:

OMG. Seriously, this stuff is amazing. The flavor I got is a mix of organic pumpkin, flax, sunflower and hemp seeds all spiced with vanilla, allspice, cinnamon and a bit of salt. Hello healthy pumpkin pie! So good on a nice piece of sprouted toast or with a banana or apple slices. I paid $10.49 for my 15 oz jar– not too bad for an organic, delicious nut butter. And with such pronounced flavor, I used about 1/2 the amount of spread on my toast.

Visit the nutty store to order online (prices are a bit cheaper than I paid). If you spend over $80, you get free shipping… that would be a heckuva lot of nut butter…

Let me know if you try any other flavors… I’m trying to get my $80 order planned out 🙂

Yen Yoga:

This was the yoga studio I stumbled into while shopping in Traverse City. It’s a posh looking joint, so I felt a bit out of place in my recycled yoga clothes (literally practiced twice in them without washing– I was roughing it, so whatever). New students receive their first class free, so I was able to snag the 90 minute Vinyasa Flow class and save my money for some divine sorbetto after class (at American Spoon).

The instructor, Jenny Lintvedt was fantastic. She had a great intuitive style to her teaching and was able to handle a huge diversity of skill levels that night.

Yen Yoga also has a bunch of other classes to choose from: Yoga with weights; Kids, Hot, Gentle and Power Yoga classes, Pilates, Spinning (they had a sweet stadium-style spin room); and Kettlebell. If you’re ever in Traverse City, I would definitely recommend stopping in for a solid workout.

That’s just the short and sweet of all the wonderful things I enjoyed on my VK to Michigan. If you have some must-see/do things to share in MI, please share!


2 Responses to “Naturally Nutty & Yen Yoga in Michigan”

  1. Kristy Says:

    Cuz! I really wish we were there at the same time. Sounds like you had a great time! How far did you get on the sand dune? Did you see the drop off?

  2. Aimee Says:

    Kristy! I know, it would have been so fun to spend more time together. Unfortunately, we didn’t get over to Sleeping Bear. That’s my goal for next time 🙂

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