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The Toxic Trio on Your Fingernails July 29, 2010

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If you paint your nails or visit a nail salon, then please watch this (thanks to Lorri over at Green Body Green Planet for the heads up on this vid!):

There are simple actions we can take to reduce our exposure to these chemicals and change the nail industry at the same time. I’ll give you two ideas today and two tomorrow….

1.  Gather up all your nail polish and look for these three ingredients:

dibutyl phthalate (DBP)



Your nails (and lungs) are too precious to waste on these chemicals. Why add more carcinogens and toxins to your gorgeous body? If you must, use the rest of the nail polish in a different way (cover a scratch on the car, “fix” some nylons, etc.).

To dump the stuff, you’ll need to use your city hazardous waste service. That’s right, nail polish and removers  are considered “hazardous waste” by the EPA— even more evidence of why these toxic products should be banned (I took my empty bottles here as well). Don’t worry, this step is easy, just check your city website for drop off times and other details (you might need to search “hazardous waste” on your city website to find the info).

2. Visit the Cosmetic Safety Database nail section and find some healthier polishes. Just look for products with a green circle… yellow at the most.

Cheers to healthier manis and pedis!


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