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Unreasonable Marketplace: What Business is All About January 20, 2011

Filed under: Take Action! — aprasek @ 6:47 pm

A friend of mine just told me about the Unreasonable Marketplace, a contest (well, kind of) that selects fellows for the Unreasonable Institute. The 6-week summer institute takes entrepreneurs and provides them with a launching pad for their businesses and tools to enable continued success. These ventures are primarily about making our world a better place. Now that’s what business is all about.

And though one person (or entrepreneur) can certainly make a big difference, it takes a village to really create the impact that our world needs. Join a village by donating to your favorite business venture here and/or spread the news via email, FB, Twitter, etc.

I chose to support Day One Response, Inc. because they are doing some outstanding work to improve access to clean water (a luxury often taken advantage of in the U.S.). I’m also a little biased… the founder is a fellow Cal Poly grad (go Mustangs!) and a friend of mine is working her tail off for the organization (and loving it).


If you are supporting other great ventures on the Marketplace, please tell us about them here.


2 Responses to “Unreasonable Marketplace: What Business is All About”

  1. Aimee, thank you so much for the post on the Unreasonable Finalist Marketplace! The entrepreneurs on the platform are doing such good work and it means a lot that you’ve supported one and are working to give them greater exposure.

    From all of us at Unreasonable Institute, thank you.


    Teju Ravilochan
    Unreasonable Institute Co-Founder

  2. Thank you for informing me more about Day One Response, Inc. I absolutely love the environment and the Minnesotan lakes so to hear about this business venture and your generosity with your time is not only heart warming but inspiring! Thanks so much!

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