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A little about me May 16, 2008

First off, my name’s Aimee. And it’s very nice to meet you 🙂

Second, I’m obsessed with everything health. My passion is to communicate wellness in an entertaining, empowering and honest way. Here’s a bit of my journey…

I received a B.S. in Psychology with a concentration in Kinesiology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. After graduating, I gathered certifications and training in fitness modalities and nutritional concepts (NASM Certified Personal Trainer, APEX, group fitness and a few others) and practically lived in the gym as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Itching to get back into the classroom, I made my way to St. Catherine University in Minnesota. I completed my M.A. in Holistic Health Studies at St. Kate’s and had many transformative experiences as I struggled through my own personal understanding and application of wellness.

While in grad school, I continued to collect certifications in complementary modalities that interested me (Healing Touch, Reiki and yoga). I also completed some significant research in the fields of spirituality, depression, suicide and arthritis.

After graduation, I continued teaching yoga, bootcamp and offering personal training. I also became a director for Restore (www.restorehealing.com), an amazing initiative to bring education to the public about holistic health. But, academic withdrawal soon hit me once again.

I recently graduated from the University of Minnesota with an M.A. in Health Journalism and Communications. My interests in wellness and integrative health also led me to study Tibetan Medicine, Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine in India last summer. It was an amazing experience that inspired me to finally finish a documentary I had been working on for years. I hope to have it completed in December of 2010 (here’s the trailer). We’ll see how that pans out… I’m also really excited to be studying at the U of MN for a few more years as I finally move onto my Ph.D. this fall (in Nursing– research focus in complementary therapies).

This blog stems from my education, successes and struggles in everything wellness. My life experiences have ignited a fire within me to share my journey through health and encourage others to feel empowered in their own wellness.

I hope that you find Wellness Gossip to be a site that challenges, educates, nourishes and motivates. Together, we can share a great deal of wisdom to deepen our own understanding of wellness.

Much love,