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“Deadly Spin” January 20, 2011

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Just got home from a fantastic lecture by Wendell Potter. He even signed my copy of his book, “Deadly Spin.”

Mr. Potter is the whistleblower that brought more attention to the shady practices of health insurance companies (BTW, I keep having the Counting Crows song “Mr. Potter’s Lullaby” run through my head…). You probably heard about (or watched) Mr. Potter’s testimony before the Senate Commerce, Science and Technology Committee in June of 2009, but this guy has a lot more to say… and a lot of it is in his new book. This is information that we should all know– especially those who are insured. Seriously, we should know what we’re paying for right?

Check out his website and get a copy of the book. Comment back here as you read through. This should get interesting….


Before Moving to Costa Rica to Escape… March 9, 2010

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I absolutely love this. Yet another example of the ignorance and fear-mongering that is permeating this debate:


Costa Rica has had a universal health care system since 1941. Compared to the U.S., Costa Rica spends at least 6% less of their GDP on health. And they ranked one above the U.S. in the WHOs overall performance ratings for 1997.

So yeah critics, prove your point of fighting “a government takeover” of medicine by threatening to move to countries that have systems even more “liberal” than what is being proposed for the U.S. (and systems that have better health outcomes than the U.S.).

Read Atul Gawande’s article, “The Cost Conundrum: What a Texas town can teach us about health care.”

And if you haven’t seen Frontline’s “Sick around the World,” it’s time to watch it.


It Burns! December 5, 2009

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Being that hubs is a firefighter, I find this particularly entertaining…



NO REFORM! It’s Time to Protect the Insurance Companies. September 22, 2009

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A Video Montage to Save the Insurance Companies:


The time to not act is now. We must assure these corporations that we will not fight against them, but instead, we will sacrifice our own livelihood so that they can continue to wipe with gold-leaf toilet paper and fly in exquisite private jets.  


The decisions of insurance companies are always in the best interest of the patient. For instance, insurance companies can still deny care for battered women by qualifying domestic violence as a pre-existing condition. You see, insurance companies are simply offering “tough love” by putting battered women into financial ruin so that they will leave their abusers.

And anyway, our last President assured us that we have the best health care system in the world. So, that must be true.

And if you are so cold-hearted that you don’t want to help these companies rake in record profits, then maybe this will convince you: Death panels are real. In fact, I’ve heard that all veterinarians will be required by the government to create a “Rest-Wing” in all clinics so that old people can be put-down as cheaply as possible (perhaps at the same time you’re getting your Labrador neutered).


Further, WWJD actually stands for, “Who Would Jesus Deny.” Caring for the sick, helping those with less material wealth… those are all attributes of the devil. Though these concepts were at the foundation of Jesus’ teachings, he didn’t mean for us to really do such crazy things! That would be a socialist sin. If Jesus were alive today, he’d be the CFO of Big Insurance, hosting MTV Cribs, flicking off anyone different than him and yelling at the underinsured, “Survival of the fittest suckas!” 

So, just to summarize WWJD: Jesus would for sure deny the poor, the middle-class, the already sick, you (but not me) and well, obviously the immigrants. And you can bet that Jesus would be schmoozing with the big wigs on the U.S.S. Constitution (droppin anchor next to Noah).

So, I think I’ve made it pretty clear. We must protect the profits of the insurance companies. If we don’t, we will have to spend less of our income on healthcare and receive better care. It’s a frightening concept.



Money-Driven Medicine vs. YOUR health. September 7, 2009

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Money-driven medicine vs. YOUR health. Which do you support?


I had the opportunity to see the documentary, Money-Driven Medicine a few months ago. It is a candid portrait of our sick-care system, ahem, I mean health care system. I encourage you to visit the film’s website and watch a few more clips. Most of all, I encourage you to host a screening of the film with your friends, neighbors, business, school, etc. (sooner the better). Click here to purchase the DVD for screening. 



THE Rejected Health Reform Ad August 28, 2009

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Here’s the ad that ABC and NBC have decided not to broadcast nationally:



Yeesh. Smart move. This ad is beyond help. Seriously, if you’re gonna make an ad that tries to discredit something, at least use some credible sources…

Evidence A:  “Medicare as we know it will no longer exist.”  The ad cites Heritage.org for the quote. It’s important to know that the Heritage Foundation gets a nice chunk of change from pharmaceutical, chemical and medical companies.  

Evidence B:  “Explicitly limiting patient access to treatments.”  The quote comes from this opinion article published in the WSJ. I’ll be honest, I have no idea who the author is… is she really a credible source?

Evidence C:  “Government health plans always ration care.” This quote can also be found in the opinion section of the WSJ. The author of this piece is businessman, Dr. Scott Gottlieb. Apparently, Dr. Gottlieb is also a practicing physician, but I just don’t see how he has time for medicine while he’s playing house with so many drug and medical companies. Here are just a few of Dr. Gottlieb’s conflicts of interest (scroll down just a bit to the article, “Did the New England Journal of Medicine Really Commit “Journalistic Malpractice”? And Who Says So?”).

Wow. If I ever cited an opinion article from the WSJ in my academic work, most of my profs would knock me down a full letter grade. Don’t get me wrong, citizen voices are extremely important, but they shouldn’t be positioned in a TV commercial as if they are scientific facts.


What do you think? Is this ad credible? Further, do you think this ad would influence the beliefs of viewers?



Is Race a Factor in Health Insurance Reform? August 20, 2009

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What do you think? Does race play a factor?