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Healing Spaces: Inside & Out January 5, 2011

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I’m a big believer that our external environment is a reflection of– or at the very least, influences– our internal environment.  That means that our body, mind and spirit are all connected to the clutter, knick-knacks, dust and disorganization. Or at least at my house:

Thankfully, this is not how my home usually looks. Hubs and I just moved into the upper level of a duplex and decided that painting the entire space would be easy. We were wrong. Ironically, amidst my effort of simplifying my life (and space), I’ve successfully created more chaos… but learned many lessons in the process: 

1. Don’t move during a Minnesota winter. Though the impromptu rain storm while hiking through knee-high snow with our living room couch was probably humurous for the neighbors…

2. Hire movers. I know, lift with your legs, not your back. But moving around obstacles doesn’t always allow for efficient and safe moevements. So, I’ll be leaving any future awkward heavy lifting to professionals (with all sorts of trucks, tools, dollys and back braces).

3. Hire painters. Painting is not as fun as it seems and it took me one full hour to get the paint out of my hair.  

Of course, this is just some short term household chaos. Patience and hard work will soon offer us a nurturing space that we can call home. And in reality, we’re really blessed to just have a roof over our heads and a space to call our own.

I’ll be updating here as we create our space. Hubs and I themed our colors from the five elements that are described in many of the ancient wisdoms (Earth, Water, Fire, Air/Wind, and Space/Heaven/Beyond). I’m also hoping to follow as many feng shui principles as possible and find a corner to create a meditation space– we’ll see how it all pans out 🙂

If you have pics/stories of a healing space that you’ve created in your house, please share!