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The Disclaimer July 2, 2008

Ah, what would health information be without the disclaimer? Grounds for a lawsuit, I suppose. So, let me now bow to the “Experts” of your health:


All information provided in Wellnessgossip is provided for educational, entertainment, referential and informational purposes only. Wellnessgossip is considered a “non-medical” source of information and is not intended to replace care by a qualified medical practitioner. Consult your own physician regarding the treatment of any medical condition. You are encouraged to consult other sources and confirm the information contained in this website.


All external links on this website are provided as a convenience only. Wellnessgossip is not responsible for the content, methodology, accuracy, opinions expressed, political views, religious affiliation or endorsements that may be found in any of the external links. Users assume complete responsibility and risk in their use of any external sites.


So, there you are. In all seriousness, there are great “Experts” out there. Many are MD’s. Many others are DC’s, PT’s, ND’s, DO’s, CHTP’s, CMT’s… you get the idea. Additionally, some experts may not hold a degree but demonstrate a great gift of healing and/or the ability to share trusted health information. These healers can be important people to visit to gather more information and advice before taking a particular action. But, of course, check with your Primary Physician first.   


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