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The Film October 4, 2010

Dad’s suicide was like a vacuum that sucked the life out of me. Six years of self-destruction followed until my suffering became unbearable. Desperate to find relief (and with video camera in hand), I searched for answers to dad’s death and sought wisdom and healing from renowned spiritual leaders and Tibetan healers in Dharmasala, India. And as most healing journeys go, it got worse before it got better. This is my story– yet one that relates to us all; a story of pain, self-discovery, transformation and most importantly, the awakening to a new understanding of happiness.


Stories of suicide, addiction and depression are frequent in mainstream media. Unfortunately, these stories rarely discuss anything beyond the suicide method or a claim that the person is now in “treatment.” This tiptoeing around tough topics and shallow coverage (which is often judgmental) only perpetuates the stigmas. It’s time we broke free from this cycle.

This film (watch the trailer above!) is part of a dynamic healing initiative that seeks to open the discussion about depression, suffering and suicide and explore opportunities for true healing. The film will be paired with additional content and tools that offer viewers opportunities to improve their own health and healing. I ask that you help me create this necessary initiative. Please consider donating– even $5 from 100 people goes a long way! Just visit my giving page to donate and take part. Your financial support will help to finish production of the film (e.g. editing), create the website and social media initiatives and outline a curriculum that can be integrated into college health courses and medical schools.

Most importantly, I cannot express to you how much your support means to me– even if happy thoughts and emails are all you can offer at this time. Truly, the amazing emails that I have received have kept me motivated to bring this initiative to completion. We’re almost there!!!

Much love and gratitude,



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